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The Power of Review Requests

How Asking for Reviews Made One Pizza Shop a Star Among the Locals

Who needs customer reviews? Local businesses. While over 90% of consumers use reviews to make buying decisions, review marketing remains an underutilized aspect of a local business’s digital marketing efforts*. This means potential consumers are passing over the businesses that can’t show consistent, timely, and positive reviews. Asking for reviews that appear on a popular and optimized review site will have your business—and your customers—seeing stars! Here is just one example of the power of asking for customer reviews.

Written reviews are like fax machines; old tech, unshareable and 30% (min) are fake. Written reviews are costing businesses billions in lost sales and brand trust.

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George Brazil is one of the most recognized home service companies in Arizona. They have been a long time client and their president, Marc Erpenbeck, and marketing manager, Shawne Wilson are very happy with the results. Over the last 4 months, they generated 443 chats and 334 phone calls. They generate hundreds of thousands of dollars each quarter from the chat bot and have also noticed that the call times are shorter from chat bot leads because their CSRs already know the information of the job before they call.
Shawne Wilson
RS Andrews is one of the largest HVAC and plumbing companies in Atlanta Georgia. Their president, Dari Payrow loves the tool and sees a ton of value for it in the industry. In the past 4 months, RS Andrews has seen 472 chats and 271 phone calls. They see a massive return on their investment.
Dari Payrow
Chas Roberts is one of Arizona’s largest service companies. In the past 4 months they saw 248 chats and 212 phone calls. Compared to live chat in the past, they have seen about a 40% increase in the amount of chat volume. Their VP of residential sales and services, Damon Bromagen has always been an advocate of the chat bot and is happy with their results.
Damon Bromagen
Referral Fire modernizes the way customers interact and review local businesses.

Referral Fire is a leader in customer experience management, helping local businesses win and retain customers. We do this through their proprietary chat, SMS, Facebook, and review capture tools.

Referral Fire modernizes the way customers interact and review local businesses. By providing a one of a kind experience for potential customers, Referral Fire generates more qualified leads, dramatically increases customer engagement, and generates more reviews.

Powered by AI, Referral Fire is a conversation-driven customer experience and conversion platform. With its quickly evolving set of tools and integrations, Referral Fire unlocks the competitive insights buried in conversations to accelerate business growth. We make the data and analytics for all of our clients easily accessible on their dashboard. With thousands of chats going through Referral Fire each week, our technology is getting smarter each day.

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The Power of Review Requests

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